Let us professionally, safely, and reliably help you with your junk removal!

Furniture pile for removal and disposal


No matter how big, bulky, or awkward your furniture junk is to remove, we can help you get that old furniture out of your home!

If it’s in your house and needs to get out, we can handle it, whatever it is. Pianos, kitchen chairs, couches, cupboards, beds, loveseats, mattresses, shelving, exercise equipment – we do it all!


Don’t risk your health and safety trying to get rid of heavy, awkward appliances yourself – call the junk removal professionals!

No matter how hard it seems, there’s always a way to get those old appliances out of your home for good. From refrigerators to washing machines to stoves and dryers, we’ve got the right equipment and crews to tackle any problem.


From seasonal cleanups to large scale landscaping projects, we’re here to help.

Yard waste junk removal presents its own unique set of disposal challenges. Whether you have everything packed up tight ready to go, or whether you need help collecting and bagging materials for disposal, we’ll help get the job done quickly and efficiently.

General Junk Removal

No matter what is, if you’ve got a pile of things you need help disposing of, you’ve come to the right place!

No need to put labels on things, you can just point to a pile of stuff you need gone, and we’ll make it disappear!

Junk for removal in Ottawa
We provide free, written quotes for all jobs.


We can safely collect and dispose of excess renovation materials lying around your home.

We have the right tools and equipment to safely handle and dispose of scrap metal. We also do our best to recycle wherever possible.

We’ll recycle as much as possible of your old tires and vehicle parts.

If you’re remodeling or renovating and need to get rid of old carpeting or flooring, give us a call!

Decking and fencing can be awkward and difficult to tear down. Allow our experienced crews to do the heavy lifting for you!

Hot tubs are particularly difficult to safely and efficiently remove. For us, they’re no problem!

From old monitors to desktop units and peripherals, we know how to properly dispose of electronics.

Have boxes and boxes of old books and papers that need to go? We’ll dispose of them in the most environmentally responsible way possible!

From lawnmowers to power tools and other household equipment, we can help clear out your basement, garage, or tool shed!

Mattresses are particularly awkward to dispose of. Give us a call and ask us how we can help you get rid of old household materials lying around like these.

Shelving and old cupboards can be dangerous sources of old nails and protruding screws. We know how to efficiently remove and dispose of these materials!

Request a junk removal QUOTE

We have a zero pressure policy for all of our junk removal quotes. Describe your job to us and we’ll provide a written quote that we stand behind, it’s that easy! No sales tactics, no pressure, just a fair price you can count on.